Burnout is a funny thing.

We think it just happens and in reality we've known it for sometime. it's been gently nudging us... "Hey, I need some rest. Hey... I feel disconnected. Hey I'm not inspired right now, can you plug me in to charge? And how many of us hear these things and think... OH I just need to PUSH THROUGH...yikes. Guilty. I feel you babe. I too, was loosing my creativity, my passion and my sex drive when I wasn't listening to the inner call.

In this course you will learn to...

  • Put yourself first

  • Create CRYSTAL clear boundaries

  • Return to prayer and hear our inner voice

  • Luxuriate in your own energy and really and truly initiate yourself into self worship.

  • Ask," who do I want to be now?"

This ritual will be about you and you.

Your guided ritual will be your initiation into womanhood, queendom, the being you are birthing right now. I will give you the full guidance of how to set up your ceremony and you will embody your inner priestess to carry yourself to the home within your heart.

    1. 1 | Self Worship

    1. 2 | Gentle Power

    1. 3 | Pleasure Presence

Wild Worship

  • $175.00
  • 3 lessons
  • 5 hours of video content
  • Self Guided Ritual Initiation Ceremony