If you are looking to heal trauma, old woundings, re write stories, shift inner narratives, become more embodied, discover your sexual and sensual power, feel confident and in your voice, or simply magnify your ritualistic practice with a group of powerhouse women, this is for YOU.

We will Practice the Art of Ancient Ritual together.

I create a quantum container and lead us into a ceremonial space where we will meet our deepest power, unleash our sacred rage, discover our true essence and bathe in our radiant and sensual expression.

    1. 1 | Alchemizing Anger and Rage into Power and Permission

    1. 2 | Embodied Self Love

    1. 3 | Sensual and Sexual Alchemy

    1. 4 | Unlocking Abundance Codes

    1. 5 | Womb Awakening and Activation

    1. 6 | Erotic Liberation

Wild Rituals

  • $450.00
  • 6 lessons
  • 10 hours of video content